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The purpose of the Ban Ki-moon Foundation for a Better Future is to follow and further develop the achievement and philosophy of Ban Ki-Moon, the 8th Secretary General of United Nations for peace and security, development, and human rights and to contribute to make a better future with no more conflict and deficiency by realizing the values of unification, communication and coexistence, and dedication.
  • To carry out and support domestic or foreign affairs to develop and spread the philosophy and vision of Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon,
  • To conduct academic researches and policy proposals for a better future such as concerning sustainable development goals and climate change issues,
  • To conduct activities to establish future-oriented values and visions toward youths, women and human rights,
  • To collaborate and exchange with multiple international organizations including UN and international non-governmental organizations,
  • To cooperate in researches with relevant domestic or foreign academic associations and educational institutions,
  • To provide training, promotion and publication in connection with the purpose business in Korea or foreign countries,
  • To conduct other activities required for the attainment of the Ban Ki-moon Foundation for a Better Future’s purposes.