[2021-12-10] Gender-based violence isn’t just a women’s problem – men have a responsibility to tackle this injustice

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Reducing gender-based violence to a ‘women’s issue’ stifles progress. For too long, the framing of these issues has given men an excuse not to pay attention

Below is the official message of Chairman Ban Ki-moon

This Human Rights Day (10 December), we should remember the global “shadow pandemic” of gender-based violence; a human rights atrocity that continues to go unchallenged. I call on all men, particularly those in positions of power, to do more to challenge and tackle this injustice.

I believe that gender inequality is the greatest human rights challenge of our time. Progress has been made, but there is still huge work to be done.

I am a feminist. That is, I believe that all humans should have the same rights, opportunities and freedoms. As men, especially men in positions of power, it is time we realize the severity of this human rights crisis – and take responsibility for tackling it.

Political leaders and decision-makers are uniquely positioned to counter misogyny and gender inequality by speaking out against and, more importantly, acting on this terrible injustice.

This is an issue that needs to be a priority not only for policymakers in development and education ministries, but at the very highest levels of political power in nation states and multilateral institutions.