Doha Forum 2019

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“Everybody must work together. We have to make sure that climate change, sustainable development goals with 17 goals must be implemented to make sure this world is better, more prosperous, more secure for our succeeding generations. I think that is a moral and political responsibility of the leaders of today for our succeeding generations.”


Chairman Ban Ki-moon attended the Plenary Session, “The United Nations at 75: A Time for Renewal and Innovation” of the Doha Forum 2019 on the 15th of December.

In the discussion, he addressed “the one area that has not been touched as a way of addressing the strengthening the global governance,” is the nuclear threat and expressed his concern of the cancellation of INF. In this connection, he proposed a Nuclear Minimization Agenda; 4Ds, which follows as:

D: Declare that there will be no force to strike, no force to use

D: Dealert, take off most of the warheads from the high alert status

D: Deployment, reduce most of the deployed warheads

D: Decrease the number of warheads

In other words, Chairman Ban’s central message of the Plenary Session was on guiding and urging the audience to focus on the bigger picture; global vision – “I am asking the global leaders to have a more global vision rather than their national vision with the transformative development of science and technology.

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