Ban Ki-moon Foundation For a Better Future Annual Board Meeting

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On December 6th, ‘Ban Ki-moon Foundation For a Better Future’ held the 2019 Annual Board Meeting.

The Board Meeting began with the briefing from the head of Planning and Policy and the greetings from Chairman Ban Ki-moon. It was organized by the following agendas: (1) report on the items discussed on the Temporary Board Meeting (held in May 3rd, 2019), (2) proposal and resolution of the agenda, and (3) discussion on the operations and activities of the Foundation.

The head of Planning and Policy brought to the table the ‘Agenda of 2020 Business Plan and Budget’ for review and approval. After a detailed explanation of the agenda, the proposal was approved through a thorough question-and-answer session with the board members.

The meeting proceeded with the head of International Cooperation’s briefing on his business trip with cooperating agencies and the head of Administration’s report on this year’s donations. Following the discussion on the operation and activities of the Foundation, the Annual Board Meeting was concluded.