[2021-03-22] Start planning for a world with a lot less water

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Source: CNN Opinion

On March 22nd 2021, Ban Ki-moon and Patrick Verkooijen’s opinion was released on CNN regarding the water crisis in celebration of the United Nations World Water Day.

In the opinion, Chairman Ban emphasized the importance of water projects. “The world leaders need to start planning for a world with a lot less water. The world’s population consumes six times more of this life-sustaining element than our ancestors in 100 years ago, and with population and economic growth, demand continues to rise” Chairman Ban stated.

Chairman Ban addressed the importance of global funding for sustainable water supply globally. He noted several ways to be hopeful:

  1. Water projects are beginning to figure prominently in National Adaptation Plans in countries such as China, Ghana, and Bangladesh
  2. The fight against COVID-19 is forcing us to think more strategically about where to incest scarce public resources
  3. Modern wastewater treatment plants use bacteria to break down organic matter, which is good for our health, our environment, the economy, and our climate.

In conclusion, Chairman Ban underpinned the importance of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, as a blueprint to urgently reexamine our priorities and make water the foundation of our health and economic recoveries.

If you would like to read the full opinion, please visit the official CNN website.