[2021-01-26] 2021 Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 (CAS 2021)

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The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) hosted the 2021 Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 (CAS 2021) from the 20th to the 25th. Chairman Ban Ki-moon attended the summit as the co-founder and co-chairman of the GCA.

Source: CAS 2021 Official Website

Chairman Ban Ki-moon held a press conference on the 20th to hold and participate in the 2021 Climate Adaptation Summit. On the 22nd, he attended the honorary doctorate ceremony of Feike GCA co-chairman at Groningen University and delivered a speech on the Climate Adaptation Summit with Nobel laureates.

And on January 25, Chairman Ban Ki-moon attended the 2021 Climate Adaptation Summit and delivered his opening speech.

He stressed that we should start building a better future right now. We also highlighted that mitigation and adaptation are closely related and are equally important components to lead to a sustainable world where no one is left out.

In addition, the GCA report points out that developing countries’ adaptation funds should increase five to tenfold, but only a fraction of the announced stimulus funds have been allocated to climate change adaptation.

Finally, Ban Ki-moon reiterated the need for a major step change in adaptation to protect the most vulnerable class, the country, and the world from the effects of climate change, and concluded with a suggestion that we should seize the best opportunity ahead of us.

Below is the full script of chairman Ban’s speech


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Prime Minister Rutte, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

When I reflect on how we have responded to the global pandemic, and what lessons we might have learnt this past year, one quality shines through: the power of international co-operation to solve global problems.

Thanks to this spirit of collaboration, we now have promising pathways back to health.

If we can do this to fight a pandemic, we can certainly do this – and more – to help hundreds of millions of people adapt to the accelerating impacts of climate change.

We need to start building that better future now. The Paris Agreement recognized that mitigation and adaptation go hand in hand. That they are two equally important building blocks towards a sustainable world that leaves no-one behind.

Over the past two years, the Global Commission on Adaptation has worked hard to elevate the importance of climate adaptation. That work will now be continued by the Global Center on Adaptation, based here in the Netherlands, and led by my very able colleague, Patrick Verkooijen.

The GCA’s inaugural State and Trends in Adaptation focused on the context of Covid-19. It stated that we need a five- to ten-fold increase in funding for adaptation for just the developing world. And yet, only a tiny fraction of the trillions of dollars in stimulus funds announced so far are being earmarked for climate adaptation.

We need a step change in adaptation to protect the world – and especially the most vulnerable people and countries – from climate impacts. Those of us gathered here today are in the best place to deliver it. The world has a golden opportunity to recover from our health and economic crises, by accelerating adaptation – and we must seize it.