2020 New Year’s Message

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Translation provided below

Dear citizens of the world,
Greetings, this is Ban Ki-moon.

The long-awaited new morning of 2020 has arrived. May the New Year be a year of joy and reward for all your families. May all of your aspirations come true this year.

In the New Year’s greetings, first of all, I sincerely hope that the world economy, including that of South Korea, will be revitalized for a better and more relaxed life for all of you.

In particular, I hope that the young people, women, and people with disabilities will be able to take the lead forward in social development through stable jobs and pursue self-fulfillment based on legitimate rights.

The 32nd Summer Olympics and the 16th Summer Paralympics will be held in Tokyo in late July and in late August, respectively. As the Chair of International Olympic Committee (IOC) Ethics Commission, I will actively help the world’s young people to compete fairly. I will cheer with all of you so that our sons and daughters of South Korea may become a success story.

Peace on the Korean Peninsula is inseparable from peace in Northeast Asia and the world. No matter how hard and difficult the journey toward the denuclearization of North Korea and a peaceful Korean Peninsula may be, we must persevere and endure to bear fruit.

Peace, human rights, and development are the wishes and aspirations of all people. To achieve these values, leaders from various countries and fields must exercise leadership in unity and coexistence.

Based on my experience and leadership in leading the United Nations for 10 years, over the past year, I have constantly talked to domestic and international leaders and reached many agreements. This year, I will continue to do my best as well.

This year marks the fifth anniversary of the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Change Agreement. They are a global consensus that humanity and the one and only Earth should harmonize with nature and move toward a better future.

Under the framework of multilateralism, we must demonstrate the spirit of solidarity and co-prosperity to achieve that goal without fail.

As the Chair of the National Council on Climate and Air Quality of Korea, I established a short-term policy to address fine dust and proposed it to the government last year. This year, I will do my best to protect the health of the people by proposing mid and long-term policies to the government, including international cooperation and joint action.

To contribute to these causes, I founded the Ban Ki-moon Foundation For a Better Future last year. Starting from this year, we will actively carry out meaningful and influential work to create a world free of conflicts and deficiencies.

Dear citizens of the world,
I wish you all a year of hope in 2020.
Happy New Year.


8th Secretary-General of the United Nations
Chairman of the Ban Ki-moon Foundation For a Better Future
Ban Ki-moon