[2020-05-25] Joint Statement: Cyber-attacks on medical facilities must stop

By 2020년 5월 28일 No Comments
Source: Kyunhyang Shinmun

On 25th of May, Chairman Ban published a joint statement with professionals around the world to urge governments to stop cyber-attacks on medical health sector.


Over the past few weeks there have been targeted cyber-attacks towards medical facilities and personnel who are in the frontline of responding to COVID-19. This is not only hindering these institutions to function, but is harming human lives by doing so. Just like attacks in the physical world, attacks in cyberspace should not be tolerated. This will not be the last health crisis and thus medical workers must be protected from cyber-attacks of any kind. Governments need to take action to immediately and decisively put an end to cyber-attacks on health and medical facilities.

To see the original statement visit ICRC Website